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Factors that could affect how you feel about a campsite include views, crowd level, nearby traffic level, amount of trash present, size, etc.
How good is the road to the campsite? Is it paved? Is it suitable for any vehicle? Is medium clearance (e.g., an SUV) required? Is high clearance (e.g., a lifted truck or SUV) required? Is 4WD required? Is it suitable only for cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks, or can big motorhomes or trailers use it? Have these questions in mind when you describe the road quality.
Describe how you found the campsite. Did a friend tell you about it? Did you see it listed in a Facebook Group or on some other website? Did you just stumble across it on your own? Did you scope it out on Google Earth?
How good was the cell signal here, and what carrier were you using? For example: "Weak AT&T" or "Strong Verizon" or "Spotty T-Mobile from the hill behind camp."
Is it BLM land? National forest land? National monument land? Private property? Be as specific as you can (e.g., Tahoe National Forest). If you don't know, don't worry about it. We'll figure it out.
Describe the campsite. What's it like? What are the good and bad parts of it? Are there any views? How crowded or busy was the area?
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